Keynote Speaker, Moderator, Media Personality and Consultant

“Provocative, Engaging, Inspiring and Opinionated”

Tony Chapman is one of the youngest individuals to be inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends. He has founded and successfully sold two internationally renowned communications agencies and a research firm. Tony’s “big ideas that work” approach for building profitable market share has been featured in four different television documentaries and two business school case studies. He has garnered peer and client recognition including winning Agency of the Year.

In 2014 he decided to capitalize on his experiences and network to create Tony Chapman Reactions. He is a frequent contributor to the conversation in the mainstream press, a sought after and top ranked motivational speaker, and a consultant to Fortune 500 companies

Tony Chapman Reactions was created to be a platform, where he offers affordable insights, ideas, and strategies via marketing and brand consulting, and motivational keynote speaking.

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Brand Consulting – Fresh Pair of Eyes

Tony Chapman Reactions offers a “fresh pair of eyes” for the leaders of Fortune 500 companies. Tony creates as well as comments on go to market strategies, marketing campaigns and innovation, providing unique insights, big ideas and affordable strategies that clients can act upon immediately.

Motivational Speaker – Inspiring and Actionable

Tony Chapman is a sought after keynote speaker, moderator and facilitator. He draws upon his three decades of experience as a consumer expert and business strategist, helping multi-national and entrepreneurial organizations build profitable go to market campaigns to craft and deliver personalized presentations that are inspirational, motivational, relevant, and actionable.

He is renowned for his ability to turn a Q&A session into a segment of immense value to the audience through his ability to demonstrate in real time how the lessons he has shared can be applied to any individual or business.

Media Personality – Cause and Effect

Tony Chapman is a frequent contributor to the conversation in the mainstream media. He is engaging, provocative, and opinionated; a marketing guru, consumer expert and political strategist. He understands the causes behind our rapidly changing world, how it will impact the viewer, and he delivers succinct ideas on how we must address change. From political positioning, to consumer positioning, from the public to the private sectors, Tony Chapman reacts.

His unique perspective was evident as a judge on the Food Network’s hit “Recipe to Riches,” and as the host of City TV’s “Nissan Innovation Challenge.” Tony appears in weekly segments on consumerism: on Global TV’s Morning and on Jerry Agar’s radio show. He has co-hosted the Global Morning Show, BNN, and the Live Drive on 1010.

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