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Tony Chapman has been called a great keynote speaker and moderator, and in post conference surveys he often earns the top ranking. The reason for his success, is his ability to create personalized talks that are relevant and actionable to the audience by drawing upon his three decades of experience as a consumer and media expert, brand strategist, and motivational speaker, to build customized and motivational keynote that motivate, and inspire.

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Tony Chapman draws upon his 30 years of experience as a brand strategist and consumer expert to personalize each talk to ensure that his message is relevant and his strategies are actionable for every audience.


The marketplace is drowning in a sea of sameness too many products, too much clutter and too little differentiation. So what can we do to get attention and results with our communication?

Tony Chapman is a master strategist who has engineered go to market strategies for leading organizations across the world. He knows what it takes to make things happen and rise above the clutter to win in today’s marketplace. The key is to be part of your customer’s story versus simply telling them yours; to shift the conversation from what your product or service is to how your products and services can better enable their lives and their livelihoods.

Whether in a boardroom or on a sales call, on a trade show floor or with your advertising campaign, Tony will share his secrets on how to best engage your audience and give them a meaningful reason to buy.


Capitalism was once defined by he who shouts loudest wins. The bigger your footprint, measured by your advertising dollars, sales force and distribution, the bigger your market share.

Being big or being loud no longer matters. Mass is out (brands, messaging, and solutions), and My is in (my life, my family, my problems, my opportunities, my dreams, my career and my business.) My is all the customer cares about so organizations today must show customers how they give them more of what they covet and less of what they don’t to win their attention and their business.

In this inspiring yet content rich presentation Tony Chapman will show how to win by moving sales and marketing strategies from Mass to My.


Today the consumer is armed with superpowers. The internet is everywhere and pricing has becoming the primary tiebreaker. Tony Chapman will tell you why this is the perfect time to be in business.

Conventional marketing and sales strategies are being rendered obsolete as brands now have multiple ways to say hello to different customers. Using thousands of positive and unique impressions has replaced one size fits all messaging. Tony will share the success of his campaigns including Bridezilla, a $3,000 viral campaign that hijacked pop culture, including Jay Leno and Oprah, for over two weeks, Sunlife’s Money for Life which turned the insurance industry upside down, and Smart Chips that went from an idea to being featured on Bill Maher in 72 hours.

Tony’s presentations are inspirational, funny, and have great takeaway value so audiences leave armed with multiple ways to connect with their customers.