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The consumer today is armed with superpowers. The internet is everywhere and pricing has becoming the primary tiebraker. Tony Chapman will tell you why this is the perfect time to be in business.

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Inspiring Keynotes

Stop Telling Your Story, Become Part of Mine

In the Age of Noise, how to get attention, and engage the ‘head, heart and hands’ of your audience.

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From the Place to Buy to the Place to Be.

Any location-based retailer or business can win by shifting their focus to personalized experiences. Be immersive. Be relevant. Be You.

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A Brand New World

A brand new world requires brand new thinking on how you attract, build and keep your customers and employees.

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  • 4 Steps to Creating Better Conferences and Events.
  • My first agency, Communique, produced and staged meetings all over the world. We were involved in theming, content creation, meeting planning incentive travel, and events. Today I have come full circle, after successfully exiting the agency and research business five years ago, I am now a Conference Host, Keynote Speaker and Moderator. Much has changed over the years, mostly driven by new technology, but the endgame remains the same, to deliver exceptional take-home value for your audience and your sponsors and a meaningful return on investment for your organization. Here are four steps to better conferences and events. 1)Head, Heart and Hands. Start with your desired outcome and work back. At the end of your event, how do you want to impact your audiences Head, Heart and Hands?

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Kathy Knight

A brilliant host and MC

What can I say other than Tony Chapman is a brilliant host and MC. Great energy AND he elevated our conference in not one but many ways. He takes the time to know what the conference is about and then sets the context each day with a spot on keynote for the audience. I especially appreciate how he deftly conducts the interview/Q&A portion with our keynotes - drawing out new insights and revelations from them we wouldn’t have heard otherwise. We ended each day with a terrific summary of key takeaways that Tony framed in concise memorable bites. Finally, he is simply wonderful to work with and a generous human being. We’re looking forward to having him back.

Dan McGrath

brings the insights and big ideas

A passionate speaker and steps ahead of most. He brings the insights and big ideas that we can act upon.


best of the best

Tony doesn't moderate a panel; he masterminds it. He knows how to bring out the best of the best.

hockey canada
Mike Ross
Chief Business Officer / Hockey Canada

Triple Threat

Triple Threat. Chapman is Powerful. Provocative. Persuasive.

Sandra Sanderson
Vice President of Marketing / Walmart

energetic and informative

Tony is energetic and informative. He engages both the panel and the audience by asking big questions that bring out fresh insights and provokes great discussion.

Incredibly engaging presentation

Incredibly engaging presentation and cutting edge insight from Tony Chapman at Ontario Real Estate Association REALiTY Conference.

All Testimonials
Tony Chapman A visionary motivational keynote speaker

Tony Chapman is one of Canada’s leading communication experts. The media has labelled him a Marketing Guru and he is an authority on how to build brands, and sell strategically and profitably in today’s volatile marketplace. Tony has been at the forefront of pioneering innovative marketing and sales tactics, including social media, and many consider him a trailblazer for the strategies he has deployed to reinvent how companies engage with their consumers and customers and navigate the changing landscape. He has founded and successfully sold two internationally renowned advertising agencies, Communique and Capital C, and co-founded Fresh Intelligence. Tony was the driving force behind such campaigns as Land of Cadbury, Pepsi Pop Life, PepsiCo Wal-Mart USA Growth Strategy, Bridezilla, Kraft Hockeyville, Dove Sleepover for Self Esteem, Sun Life Money for Life and the Nissan Innovation Challenge. His agencies have collectively won over 100 national and international awards including the much-coveted Agency of the Year. Tony has worked with organizations locally and globally, in the private, public and not for profit sectors. Beyond his role as a Founder and CEO, Tony’s body of work includes being a host, facilitator, strategic creator, provocative debater, ideator, and keynote speaker at conferences around the world. He is also a noted contributor on television and radio, with weekly appearances on prime time television and radio, and has been featured in documentaries on the CBC, the BBC and Australian Television. Passionate, provocative, opinionated and relevant, with an engaging personality, he speaks on a range of issues including consumerism, business strategy, politics, the economy, as well as branding and marketing. He is a mentor who shares his knowledge with students and invests in the next generation of media entrepreneurs. A visionary and builder, Tony’s cumulative contributions to the industry over three decades were recognized when he was inducted as one of the youngest members into the Marketing Hall of Legends (2008).

Tony Chapman Reactions Keynote Speaker, Marketing Consultant, Media Personality
speaks icon

As the leading Toronto marketing consultant, Tony recognizes that the success of a brand relies on generating positive reactions from its key stakeholders: consumer, customer, employee and shareholder. Insights, ideas, and affordable and actionable strategies matter most. Tony Chapman Reactions was created in response to a need in today’s marketplace for fresh pair of eyes; someone who could bring insights, ideas, and actionable and affordable strategies and solutions to a world where both time and dollars are at a premium. His mandate is to counter what he calls the race to zero, without an airbag, in a marketplace where loyalty is measured by the deal. Meaningful innovation and ideas that engage must come in its place; messaging that moves from mass and tells your story to become part of the consumer’s story. With Tony Chapman Reactions, Tony brings his insight directly to clients and their agencies. He offers his clients a fresh pair of eyes to create or evaluate their brand plans, sales strategies, innovation pipeline and new business pitches. No other Toronto marketing consultant or motivational keynote speaker in the industry has the same level of experience, focus and appreciation for storytelling.

Ideas & Strategy

During Tony Chapman’s career as a marketer and motivational keynote speaker, the landscape of his industry has changed numerous times over. Only the most flexible, adaptable and truly creative thinkers survive and thrive in this dynamic environment. Tony has distinguished himself in this field and industry not only as an expert navigator but also as a trailblazer in effective communications. With his experience and knowledge, Tony is a noted contributor to the national and international conversation in matters including marketing and branding, social media and business strategy. When he’s not sharing his wisdom as a motivational keynote speaker or working with his clients, Tony actively produces thought pieces and commentary in the mainstream press. He participates in panels and conferences and contributes to the base of knowledge for his industry. He is the marketer that Toronto marketing consultants turn to and trust for inventive and sound thinking on the state of the industry.

Television & Radio

Tony Chapman isn’t just a great motivational speaker, he also delivers enthusiasm and insight as a noted personality on television and radio. Tony has been featured in documentaries for the CBC and the BBC as an authority on marketing related topics. In addition to appearances on some of Canada’s top-rated morning shows (Global Morning Show, Canada AM, CTV News, Breakfast TV and City News), Tony also served as a judge on Food Network’s Recipe to Riches for two years. He hosted City TV’s Nissan Innovation Challenge. He’s also been a guest on BNN with Francis Gorodelski and Afternoon Drive on 1010 Radio with Ryan Doyle. Like so many of his career and personal pursuits, Tony’s passion for television is evident and infectious. He’s thrilled that he’s found another medium through which to engage with the public and he’s excited by the opportunities this world offers.


Engagement is the oxygen of business, yet the consumer and client are becoming increasingly disengaged. Tony Chapman has a formula for countering this and he has built a name in the industry by encouraging his clients to shift their focus from telling their stories to becoming part of their customers’ stories. The only way to persuade someone to buy your product or service is to ensure that you connect with their head, heart and hands. Head make your idea easy to understand; heart make it about them not you; and hands make it easy to sell, buy and share. Tony’s head, heart, and hands mantra is the key behind his success as a marketing consultant for creating relevant marketing and branding strategies. Tony Chapman has built a name in the industry for crafting powerful and emotionally engaging stories for brands across industries including wireless, software, consumer packaged goods, automotive, pharmaceutical, financial and tourism. The same mantra applies to his ability to entertain, educate, motivate, and provide actionable strategies as a motivational keynote speaker. He prides himself on crafting custom presentations that are relevant and establish the direct and emotive relationship between the seller and consumer.

Inspiration & Insight Tony Chapman, Motivational Keynote Speaker

Tony Chapman is a global marketing leader, brand specialist, and gifted storyteller. He is also an exceptional and top ranked keynote speaker. Tony is passionate about his work and enthusiastic about sharing his experience with the next generation of entrepreneurs. He is sought after as a motivational and keynote speaker at major conferences around the world. When Tony delivers a talk, the audience benefits from three decades of experience in the industry, and a breadth of knowledge that comes from working with global brands from a variety of sectors. He is a vital resource for Toronto marketing consultants. He has the ability to help individuals and organizations tap into their resources and position themselves for growth. Using his ability to hone in on the target audiences, he creates customized and individualized talks designed to inspire and motivate. Most importantly, attendees leave Tony’s presentations with actionable strategies that they can apply to their work and marketplace immediately. Tony Chapman’s most recent talks include:


The marketplace is drowning in a sea of sameness; too many products, too much clutter and too little differentiation. So what can we do to get attention and results with our communication? Tony Chapman is a master strategist who has engineered go to market strategies for leading organizations across the world. He knows what it takes to make things happen and rise above the clutter to win in today’s marketplace. The key is to be part of your customers stories versus simply telling them yours; to shift the conversation from what your products or services are to how your products and services can better enable their lives and their livelihoods. Whether in a boardroom or on a sales call, on a trade show floor or working with your advertising campaign, Tony will share his secrets on how to best engage your audience and give them a meaningful reason to buy.


Capitalism was once defined by he who shouts loudest wins. The bigger your footprint, measured by your advertising dollars, sales force and distribution, the bigger your market share. Being big or being loud no longer matters. Mass is out, (brands, messaging, and solutions), and My is in, (my life, my family, my problems, my opportunities, my dreams, my career and my business). My is all the customer cares about, so organizations today must show customers how they give them more of what they covet and less of what they don’t in order to win their attention and their business. In this inspiring yet content-rich presentation, Tony Chapman will show how to win by moving sales and marketing strategies from Mass to My.


The consumer today is armed with superpowers. The internet is everywhere and pricing has becoming the primary tiebreaker. Tony Chapman will tell you why this is the perfect time to be in business. Conventional marketing and sales strategies are being rendered obsolete as brands now have multiple ways to say hello to different customers. Using thousands of positive and unique impressions has replaced one size fits all messaging. Tony will share the success of his campaigns including Bridezilla, a $3,000 viral campaign that hijacked pop culture, including Jay Leno and Oprah, for over two weeks, Sunlife’s Money for Life, which turned the insurance industry upside down, and Smart Chips, which went from an idea to being featured on Bill Maher in 72 hours. Tony Chapman’s personable style and talent for storytelling is what distinguishes him as a great motivational speaker. As a much sought after motivational keynote speaker, he shares his experiences with good humour and is an unmatched authority on topics that range from consumerism to the state and future of marketing.

Social Media & Cultivating Influencers
Tony Chapman Consults

Tony Chapman expertly steered his agencies through the digital revolution in media and advertising without ever compromising his commitment to great storytelling. He isn’t afraid of taking risks with technology in order to disseminate unique brand experiences in unconventional yet captivating ways. He understands the importance of identifying influencers and tastemakers in different industries and mobilizing their networks to generate organic interest and excitement around a brand. He’s created campaigns for clients that are so meaningful that influencers feel compelled to share their experiences with friends, families and loved ones. As a global expert in marketing, a noted motivational keynote speaker and television personality, Tony shares this knowledge and these experiences with audiences around the world. Clients know that Tony Chapman understands the unique demands of a modern marketplace and he embraces the challenges of and also potential for creative and innovative strategies in this dynamic environment.

Made in Canada
Tony Chapman Headshot

One of the key themes Tony Chapman tries to highlight in his work as a motivational keynote speaker, commentator, and TV personality is his belief in Canada as a leader in the future of marketing and business. Canada offers a complex and multi-cultural marketplace with educated, affluent and technologically savvy consumers. Tony understands the potential of this setting better than anyone. In his work as a TV personality and as a much sought-after motivational keynote speaker, Tony stands poised to lead the industry as it explores the potential of this growing market.

More about Tony

When Tony Chapman was five years old, he learned important lessons in profit margins and the importance of branding at the helm of his lemonade stand. At 18, he cultivated his entrepreneurial spirit through commission based telephone radio sales and soon wrote the ads himself. Tony was so successful in his work in radio sales and club promotion that he earned enough money to help pay for his education. These early experiences planted the seeds of a lifelong passion for marketing and advertising. For Tony, the attraction of advertising and marketing is the ability to create ideas that people want to consume. It’s an incredibly satisfying feeling when consumers not only connect with your vision, but when they also want to spend their hard earned money to acquire it. For him, it’s harnessing this relationship between brands and consumers that drives his creativity. Tony Chapman is proud of his Canadian roots and prioritizes community engagement and charity initiatives. In addition to his work as a motivational keynote speaker he serves on the Advisory Board of the University of Waterloo, Stratford Campus, and serves on the Board of the Global Poverty Project, which is dedicated to eradicating global poverty by 2030. He’s helped raise about $2 million for the Boys and Girls Club in Regent Park, and he’s participated in the Covenant House Sleep Out.