Are you concerned about the State of America? I am.

I wrote and narrated this 60 Second video titled: ‘America WTF?’
My intention is to contribute to the positive and peaceful groundswell that is pushing back at the protectionist and powerful attitudes that are seizing control around our world.
I realize that many countries, and their citizens, are in panic mode. Their countries debt is at a level that where they can no longer fund their social programs and infrastructure. Technology is replacing human jobs far faster than anyone imagined and unemployment and underemployment is a cancer that is eating away the cornerstone of their economies and their people’s self-esteem. America is not immune to this disease.
History always repeats itself. We have proven that in Democratic countries, when Voters feel terribly insecure and uncertain, when they worry about their and their families lives and livelihood, they pivot in extreme directions. They vote for a Leader who counters the status quo and promises to make all things right. In doing so, they throw their ‘baby out with the bathwater’.
America, Democracy is your baby! It is something that you have always cherished and the free world has counted on. As a Canadian, I haven’t always agreed with your policies, or how you flex your muscles for causes that I didn’t support. I knew that you valued freedom. I admired you for how you opened markets to help other countries develop and how your allies trusted you for your consistency and conviction.
Today, when I hear your political agenda, I am deeply worried. When you sneeze the world catches a cold, and your neighbours, Canada and Mexico develop pneumonia. You call for protectionist borders that only favour your self-interests. You deny climate change. You want to roll back civil liberties that the majority of your people are married into.
I hope that what we hear is more rhetoric than reality. That you will defend what your forefathers wrote in their charter and you always fought for; ‘A Government that is ‘of the people, by the people, and for all people’ .
I hope that deep down you believe that we are all one people, living on one planet. We must coexist together. We breathe from the same atmosphere and drink the same water. Turn your lens and wealth towards Planet Earth.
Do your part to Make our World Great Again and Make our World Safe Again.
Tony Chapman
A little about me. Three years ago, I sold all of my interests in my advertising and research. Today I speak my mind at Conferences around the world, and in the Media. I talk about ’cause and effect’. What is causing such disruptive change and what impact will it have on lives and livelihood.
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