Tony Chapman is known for his Big Insights and Big Ideas. Over his career, the agencies he founded have won over 100 National and International Awards, and contended for and won Agency of the Year. Tony has worked with organizations large and small, local and global to help them build and sustain a competitive advantage. He has been the driving force behind new product innovation, and branding that went global, as well as marketing and sales campaigns that shattered all of their objectives.

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Today Chapman offers organizations a fresh pair of eyes, and affordable insights, and ideas that can be acted upon immediately.

Tony Chapman is among the most brilliant minds in the business worldwide. His ability to tap into the real sentiment that drives consumers is driven by his intuition and ability to think beyond boundaries. His ideas have broken new ground in industries ranging from Financial Services to packaged goods. He is a tremendous asset to any organization looking to reshape their industry around the consumer.

Mary De Paoli Global CMO Sunlife Financial


Food has been their passion for more than a century. With a focus on fish and seafood, they are driven to source quality products, strive for innovation, and share their enthusiasm through customer education.

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