Put the ‘can’ back in Canada

Canadian? You are one of the lucky ones.

You live in a country where our Ancestors fought for our Freedom in the skies, the seas and muddy trenches. A country that believes in Universities and Universal Healthcare, Democratic and Due Process. We have an abundance of resources, the freshest of waters, and we share a border with an ally and the economic powerhouse.

I have two questions for you:

Are we seizing this opportunity or are we letting it slip away?

Are we getting soft and feeling that we are entitled to getting more and doing less?

Canada’s 150th.

Yes, it is a time for celebration and reflection, but it is also a time to define and chase a new dream.

My 9 Point Plan.

  1. Canada can’t borrow it’s way to the future; we must earn our way there.
  2. We need a new economy, purposeful jobs and exportable ingenuity. Let’s use the Canadian Brand to attract and fast track the best talent. Let’s back them with capital and free them from the bureaucracy that plague our current business sector.
  3. Vote in Politicians who invest our tax dollars and consider it a failure and personal embarrassment to continuously and aggressively borrow on the back of future generations.
  4. Vote out the Politicians and fire the Civil Servants who squander our tax and borrowed dollars.
  5. Blacklist and shame the Leaders who try to panhandle for our votes by feeding into our growing sense of entitlement.
  6. Level the playing field between the job and retirement certainty of the Public Sector and the uncertainty of the Private Sector.
  7. Define and sharpen Canada’s brand. Set our moral compass to let Canadians and the world know what it means to be True North, Strong and Free.
  8. Put Canada first and without apology. Canada and Canadian values must stand above all Individuals desires, cultural beliefs, and religious practices. We play music in schools, we want our children to be open minded about all religions and have the freedom to choose their path, sexuality and partner in life. We have two official languages. We will help you to learn one of them.
  9. Finally our freedom is not the freedom to destroy what we have. For those who prefer to tear us apart, to erode our values, we must act with speed and force to take away their privilege to be Canadian. If what makes us unique isn’t valued by you then Canada is not your country. Move on as there are millions of others that want and deserve your place.

Our Leaders aren’t putting the ‘Can’ back into Canada but we can! Happy Canada Day.

Shares and comments always welcome and appreciated.

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