What can I say other than Tony Chapman is a brilliant host and MC. Great energy AND he elevated our conference in not one but many ways. He takes the time to know what the conference is about and then sets the context each day with a spot on keynote for the audience. I especially appreciate how he deftly conducts the interview/Q&A portion with our keynotes – drawing out new insights and revelations from them we wouldn’t have heard otherwise. We ended each day with a terrific summary of key takeaways that Tony framed in concise memorable bites. Finally, he is simply wonderful to work with and a generous human being. We’re looking forward to having him back.

Kathy Knight | CEO | ICTAM

Incredibly engaging presentation and cutting edge insight from Tony Chapman at Ontario Real Estate Association REALiTY Conference.

Tim Hudak | CEO | Ontario Real Estate Association

A passionate speaker and steps ahead of most. He brings the insights and big ideas that we can act upon.

Dan McGrath | CEO | Cineplex Entertainment

Tony doesn’t moderate a panel; he masterminds it. He knows how to bring out the best of the best.

Alix Box | CEO | Second Cup Coffee Company
hockey canada

Triple Threat. Chapman is Powerful. Provocative. Persuasive.

Mike Ross | Chief Business Officer | Hockey Canada

Tony is energetic and informative. He engages both the panel and the audience by asking big questions that bring out fresh insights and provokes great discussion.

Sandra Sanderson | Vice President of Marketing | Walmart

Tony’s keynotes have a real impact. He understands entrepreneurs and retail. He inspires and motivates action.

Tom Barlow | President and CEO | Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers

One of the best in the business. Audiences love his energy and his insights.

Rob Gerlsbeck | Publisher | Canadian Grocer

Tony Chapman has always been ahead of the pack in understanding where markets are heading and what all players in the media and advertising industry should be doing about it. He has a way of cutting the clutter of complexity and coming up with insights that we need to know and can use to improve our business and policy models.

Gary Maavara | Executive Vice President & General Counsel | Corus Entertainment Inc.

Brilliant, Provocative, Persuasive, Imaginative

Mary DePaoli | Chief Brand and Communications Officer | RBC

A super-engaging host who asks thought-provoking questions and summarizes presentations with a fresh perspective.

Claude Galipeau | Country Manager | Yahoo Canada

Outstanding! Conference Host, Keynote Speaker, Moderator, Awards Presenter. Multi-talented and Superbly Prepared. We use him any chance we can.

Robert Montgomery | CEO | Banff World Media Festival

He takes questions on the fly from the audience and instantly responds with powerful answers. It’s as if he has prepared weeks in advance.

Ian Portsmouth | Group Publisher | Canadian Business and Profit Magazine

At the coffee break, after Tony’s talk, I heard three different delegates call their office and stop their current marketing in their tracks.

Lisa Geddes | Executive Director | BC Boating Association

You won’t find a bigger brain or a better presenter. The audience loves him.

Richard White | Vice President | Scotiabank

We love having Tony as a keynote – he understands retail and what it takes to win. He delivers great content with passion and always keeps the audience wanting more.

Diane J. Brisebois | CEO | Retail Council of Canada

Transformative and Powerful. Strategic and Creative. Compelling and Persuasive.  He gets the Tourism Industry.

Alex Blum | Vice President Global Public Relations & Partnerships | FRHI Hotels & Resorts
hockey canada

Tony digs deep into the subject to build and stage an outstanding and relevant presentation based on his audience and the key challenges they face. Tony also draws on his vast experiences, research and timely intel to provide poignant insights into emerging and existing challenges that an organization needs to be aware of and understand. Tony’s captivates and resonates.

Jim Hornell | Former Chairman of the Board | Hockey Canada

Tony Chapman brings an interesting mix to his speaking engagements. It is rare to find an individual that understands both the profit and not for profit professions. He has his pulse on the International business community and its continual challenges to both brand itself and compete in a tough economy. Then he wears his philanthropic hat and explains to the charities of the world how to build their brand and raise critical donor dollars. He is engaging and passionate in his presentations, and you leave the room saying to yourself – “I can do this”.

Angee Turnbull | Director of Fund Development | Kids Can Fly

The medium doesn’t matter. Put Tony on radio, television, video, on stage or in a column. He engages, persuades and makes you think.

Adrienne Batra | Editor | Toronto Sun

Tony Chapman connects with a Millennial audience.

Jeff Rush | Vice President of Sales | Virgin Mobile

Tony has more energy and expertise in our chosen field making him a natural leader and facilitator. He encourages a climate of vigorous discussion and dialogue and ALSO lands the conversations with concrete and tangible takeaways…Tony has quite simply seen more, created more and executed more sales and marketing campaigns in Canada over the last 25 years than anyone and that track record will fuel your business.

Jim Little | Chief Marketing Officer | Shaw Communications

Tony passion is palpable, and the energy level in the room becomes notably higher when he is speaking. His messages are clear, simple and concise – we had Partners still quoting Tony a year after that partners’ meeting. He clearly left a mark on our conference and firm.

Shari Burkholder | National Director Marketing, and Communications | Grant Thornton LLP

Tony’s refreshingly practical, real world presentation content resonated big time with our sales team. In the ensuing Q&A session with this battle-hardened marketing pro we were all quite amazed at how he was able to strip down some of our toughest obstacles and provide fantastic solutions.

John Houlding | President | Cotton Candy

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